Princess Tarella And The Throne Of Avilah


Ray Franklin Fantasy

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In a beautiful and prosperous Kingdom of Avilah ruled by King Duncan. The king and queen were childless after five years of marriage. The King desperately needs an heir to his throne as he feared that after he dies, his younger brother would be crowned the king of Avilah and he would lose the throne forever from his linage.

In a bid to find a solution to their problem, the queen sought a child from Zedena, the sea goddess who is said to give children to barren women who seek her help.

Eventually, the queen gave birth to a daughter named Tarella. However, females are forbidden to rule over the kingdom but any man that marries the princess would become the king but their children must bear King Duncan's name and the king married to Princess Tarella must seek approval from her on major issues concerning the kingdom.

Princess Tarella grew up to be the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom and she has so many noble suitors but she only loves Tezan who is a handsome and brave poor peasant.

One of the suitors of Princess Tarella is the ruthless Prince Alfred who desperately wants the throne of Avilah, so also is the king's younger brother Prince Devy as well as Prince Devy's eldest son. The battle for the throne is a fight to the death as Princess Tarella and Tezan are caught in the middle of the bloody battle.


Tags: murdergoodgirlbxgseriousmysterysupernaturalcrimevirginlove at the first sightgorgeousRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Episode 1

Queen Anne woke up in the night and just like most nights for the past six months, she saw the king seated on the bed and was seemingly lost in thought. The issue of their childlessness seems to trouble the king so much, and it is understandable while he is bothered. Not having an heir to the throne means he will lose the throne to his younger b……


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