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**Book Two of Desire Trilogy**


"No 'Thank you for saving my life'. Wasn't it "lifesaving" enough?" Randhir mocked her tucking his hands inside his pants pocket. Sanyukta could clearly tell that it irked him that she thanked Aryan. She rolled her eyes at him and inspected her gown, thankful that it was not ruined. Her daughter loved this gown way too much.

"Aren't you expecting too much Mr Shekawat?" She glared at him. His comment affected him, hell everything about him affected her.

"Surely that sentence would suffix Ms Aggarwal." He challenged her, his eyes accessing her. It was good talking to her, keeping their last encounter beside he had loved to fight with her. They had too much of passion. He would clearly love to mess with her. She was a talk of many men around here which had angered him. They were eyeing her as if she was a piece of meat. She was unaware or she was doing it on purpose he thought.

His arrogance and that smirk on his face was not something she liked at the moment.

"Are you trying to boost that giant size ego of yours?" Sanyukta asked looking at him.

"Huh here I was thinking I would get a pleasant reply." Randhir replied. He was inwardly smiling, she still had the fire in her. She was still the same feisty girl.

"I have nothing pleasant to say to you Mr Randhir" Sanyukta said angry at him. After eight years he was expecting her to talk pleasant to him. She was far from being pleasant with him. She hated him.


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