RAGE ( story of Obsession)


Darkknights_0971 Suspense/Thriller

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"I wish I never fell in love with him, in a few months I made him my life, but I had an idea that his heart beats for someone else, he can never become mine. That time i had no idea that he is already bound with someone and enter in my life so he can shatter me into tiny pieces "

This story revolves around a very ambitious girl, who bumped into a very dashing guy, their first encounter wasn't that good but after that encounter, that boy wants her at any cost.

What happened when Neha actually fell in love with that guy, what happened when that guy shattered her heart into tiny pieces.
But there is a twist that guy is not a normal guy.

After picking the shattered heart pieces of her heart neha Went to California and meet a guy who is a father of one baby girl.

But how that guy is connected to Neha, Why Neha went to California. Who was that guy who shattered her heart?

Will never ever come out of his betray and moved on her life. Will, she let anyone enter her life.

Join this amazing journey of over Ambitious girl.


Tags: love-trianglepossessivelove after marriageage gaparranged marriagedominantdoctorMulti-professional Billionaire Writing Contest
Latest Updated
Chapter 47

Arjun and Neha reached the Maldives, Arjun shared all the details of his business with Neha.

Arjun gave the no. Of his manager to Neha who is currently handling all the work of his empire. Even he told his lawyer to ready the papers, Arjun wants to give all the responsibilities of his business to Neha as soon as possible, he has trust on ……


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