Dr. Jekyll's s*x Syrup Turned Me Into A Wild Sex-Addicted Bimbo


Deborah Cockram Steamy Stories

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My name's Brittany. Walker Jekyll and I are doctoral students, working together since our undergrad days. Walker has developed a formula, patterned after what his infamous grandfather developed when he released Mr. Hyde on the world. But Walker's formula is different, at least it was with me. I've long had a repressed s****l drive, preferring academia to intimacy. Then Walker pumps that formula into me, and suddenly I become a sex-starved bimbo, unable to get enough, willing to do anything...two men, three men, it doesn't matter...I'll take them all...


Tags: virgin
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Dr. Jekyll's s*x Syrup Turned Me Into A Wild Sex-Addicted Bimbo By Deborah Cockram

I squirm, struggling with all my strength, trying desperately to escape. I'm bound to a heavy, thick wooden chair, my wrists and elbows strapped to the chair arms, my ankles strapped to the legs.

“EEEEEEE, ELLLLLL” I scream, trying……


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