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"Hey! Shooting star!" She said pointing towards the sky. I turned my head from the sky back to her face which is shining radiantly than the stars.

She closed her eyes and started muttering something.

Does wishes come true?

It wouldn't if I try anyways........

I closed my eyes and I started wishing for her.......


For my priceless possession which is her even if she hates it.........


When your sure of whom to share your life.
When love bounds two people madly.
When insecurities kick in.
When past incidents and jealousy catches you up in a web.

You try to fight them to watch something beyond beautiful.

Watch Akshaya and Anand fight to get what's beyond beautiful.
The third and final instillation of life series.


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(Deepu's VOC)

I smirked as he ran towards her. He thinks he could hide his feeling from me? I'm his bestfriend and I know how to push his buttons.

"Why is he running like there's no tomorrow?" Harish asked from beside and I sighed.

"To search for Minnu as she's at the bar drinking her ass off." I answered and turned towards him……