Billionaire's Hated Wife


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Gracia Judy an independent 25 years old girl currently living alone in Canberra the capital city of Australia. She is an orphan who was raised by her grandmother. She attains every virtue from her grandmother.
On some days Judy and Smith fall in love with each other. His presence makes her life heavenly.

Although there was a little paucity of money everything was going well until she had to get involved herself in an argument with a renowned arrogant billionaire named Ellen John for the sake of her right.
The powerful, rich, and arrogant billionaire, "how can he tolerate an ordinary girl's pride?"
Her life turns upside down when she slapped him in return for his disrespectful words to her and she turns into his one and only enemy after whom he keeps chasing nonstop to ruin her life. When she comes to know about his dirty steps against her she has no other choice than to run away to keep herself alive from his deadly clutches. Ellen keeps rummaging for her everywhere still doesn't find any clue about her but the actual blast occurs when he finds his enemy in front of him as his bride!

Let's see how she face her ultimate enemy who is standing in front of her as her groom?

Hello, my lovely readers, this is my first story, hope you'll enjoy it. It'll be very helpful if you share your thoughts with your comments.
{Thank you}

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