Dark Secrets


Ann Oh Paranormal

87 reads

Desa Ha was about to turned 7 when she discovered a secret room in the house of her late auntie. Because of her curiosity as a kid she touched everything in the room including the five curse tablets that eventually turned her life from ordinary to extraordinary. She started having peculiar dreams at midnight on her birthdays and gaining superpowers that are related to death every 8 years of her existence. Meeting a dark angel at the age of 14 and every 7 years, giving her a mission to be accomplished that she had no other choice but to do for the sake of her loved ones. But despite of having a miserable life she met Pluto Nevaeh, the man who’s been involved with her curses from very start until the end.


Tags: darkcursekickass heroinetragedyfemale leadsupernature earthfriendshipsecretssupernaturalhorrorStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Falling in love is easy but staying in love and encountering all the dramas that can be in it is hard.

I can’t blame Pluto’s mother for not liking me, she’s right I’m a nobody and I don’t deserve her majestic son.

Matthew and I left Korea Tuesday morning and arrived at Canada by Monday morning, just an hour before my morning shift at……


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