His cruel forced love


Darkknights_0971 Fantasy

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I pushed her in the wall and caged her between me and the wall, she whimpered in pain and closed her eyes in fear. I grab her jaws very tightly " how dare you to deny my demand " I said with gritted teeth. Her lips are trembling and I so badly wanted to kiss those plumpy, Rosy, juicy lips. Dam my jeans tight around my groin. She tried to wriggle out of grip, dam is she again trying to run away from me.
" If you dare to wriggle out of my grip, then no one can save you from me. I'll f**k you day and night, I won't let you sleep for a whole month, I'll f**k your sweet little mouth and ruin your tight little p***y with my monstrous length.I'll mark your whole body with my teeth " I said in a dangerous tone. After hearing my voice her whole body is shivering in fear.

he pushed me on the bed and hovered over me in a blink, he grabs my waist and thrust inside me very brutally. I tried my best not to scream in pain but it's next to impossible for me. I know my screams encourage him and awoke his beast but I can't do anything now because the damage is done.

" how * thrust * many* thrust * I told you * thrust * don't deny my demands * thrust " he whispered in my ears, his sweat bit drenched my and his body completely.


Tags: dominantmanipulativesubmissivebadboytwisted
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