Deceitful Lies [18+ MATURE CONTENT]


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Anya Smith is your average sweet girl-next-door, that is till she married David Coleman who is a Lawyer and happens to be a dom. Things were fine in the beginning of their marriage where they could not keep their hands off each other.
David Coleman a Lawyer with his own law firm well put together a gentleman in the eyes of everyone around but only his wife knows he is no gentleman and that he gets pleasure out of ministering sweet t*****e on his wife's body.
Things take a turn for worse or maybe for better during a fortunate or unfortunate event when Anya and her boss John Ray end up in bed.

John Ray - "I want you Anya, I want you bad. I want to feel that hot body of yours below me and hear what noises you make!"

Anya Coleman - "We shouldn't John, this is wrong!"

John Ray - "You saw with your own eyes what was happening so if that is right then this is no wrong".

Anya Coleman - "But..."

John Ray - "No 'but' just give yourself to me and I promise to show you good time, we both are drunk and this will just be nothing different than a one night stand".

What happened that Anya didn't mind going to her boss's room?


Tags: forbiddenlove-trianglepossessivesexarrogantdramabxgWriting AcademyWriting AcademyRomantic-Suspense Writing Contest
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Hi everyone,

I know that the sequel to this book has been long pending. I will be uploading 1 chapter every Wednesday starting from the 10th of Feb.

I have 2 other books that I am currently working on hence there will be only 1 chapter per week. As soon as I am done with the other two books, I promise that there……


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