Saint Laurent's Most Eligible Vampires


Jane Anne Paranormal

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Every year the Supreme Council selects five girls to attend the all exclusive School of Mystics. The humans know it as Saint Laurent's Academy.

Every school across the Country hopes someone is selected from their school. Noone realizes that each year one of those girls never returns.

Lina Shope is a straight-A student. When she is approached by Principal Peters about finishing her Senior Year at the all exclusive school. Something like this will look good on her College Applications. But when Lina arrives she quickly realizes this is not a normal school. It is here that the Supernatural Species reside.

Johnny Laurent's family founded the School of the Mystic. It's his turn to find a bride, and though they don't know it the five girls chosen will compete for his love. He is taken in by Lina the moment he meets her but he still has four more girls to meet.
Which one will become his Vampire Bride and rule over the Kingdom with him? Stay tuned to find out.


Tags: billionairekickass heroinewitch/wizardroyalty/noblemysterywerewolvesvampirecampussecretssupernatural
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     "Monica, please step forward," Gabriel said.

I resisted the urge to cry and held my head high. I don't know why I came here. Nothing has changed. He just hurt me all over again. Thankfully I didn't give myself to him. So I at least will walk away with my dignity intact.

"Monica, please grab your suitcase and ……


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