Her Three Supernatural Husbands


KellyBrackettAuthor Romance

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Catherine works the same schedule every morning and night. Every day she worked hard to manage her business, her private life, and love life. Or lack thereof. She’s the average modern girl in a modern world, only she’s too busy to focus on fixing her lack of romance.


The unthinkable happens. While she’s swiping on Tind3r, the world fades away and she wakes up to find herself on Erlias, a world full of creatures from the human imagination. Three men appear, Gunther, Zion, and Silas, and all three claims to be her husbands! What is an Intirmate and what does it have to do with her? Why was she the one picked to be the Tatiana? And why does a single touch from one of the three men turn her legs to jelly?


Tags: body exchange/body swapconfidentdramasweetbxgmysterymagical worldsoul-swappolygamypassionateStary Writing Academy III
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On The Road

“Run…” He gasped, but she ignored his plea. “They are here. Too late…”

A rivulet of sweat dripped down her forehead from her hairline, but she kept her breathing even. Concentrate. She kept telling herself, her eyes closed. Gunther was depending on her. Catherine had to keep the two of them safe until Silas and Zion could catch up. She ……


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