Ravished & Knocked Up By Frankenstein's Monster


Deborah Cockram Romance

2422 reads

Katie goes to Germany to help her friend, Martin, work on his doctoral project. Unbeknownst to Katie, her friend is a descendant of a notorious scientist – none other than Dr. Frankenstein. Martin is driven to take up his ancestor's work, bringing life from death. But he takes it a step further. Martin creates a living, breathing monster from the dead & he gives it a s*x drive. A desire to procreate—& Katie becomes the reluctant breeding slut, held for months, ravished over and over and over, a target of the creature's never-ending s*x drive, even while she's carrying his babies...


Tags: kidnap
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Chapter 5

I wake, lying naked on a hard bench in a plain, stone-walled room. In one corner is a thick wooden door, a little window high up, covered by a wooden panel. After a few minutes the panel slides back to reveal Martin on the other side.

“You're awake,” Martin says.

I sit up, pulling my legs up, crossing my arms over my chest, trying to……


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