Sunny Sonerow Mbang Suspense/Thriller

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Angelina Is the eldest and the only daughter of the multi billionaire family suddenly had to deal with her friends constant pestering for her to get a boyfriend.

And just when she thought she has had enough, she had to deal with her school's most baddest boy's cockiness.

Angelina attends Royal academy.
Royal Academy is one of the best schools in town,
a poor man cannot possibly afford the school fees.
So it was populated by sons and daughters of the rich

What happens when she finally fell in love but her friends suddenly became against it?

What could be the problem?

And what happens when the good girl Angelina suddenly turn bad?

What could make her do that?

Let find all the answers in this new thrill!

Stay tuned and you won't regret it!

Extract from the book....


Angelina jerked awake to the sound of a distant
blues playing at the neighborhood. She did not only
hear the music in a dream but also had an erotic
dream with it which made her find one of her
fingers in her v****a when she woke up naked. She
was quite wet down there. Her n*****s prostrated
forward just like her breast thereby preventing the
wrapper on her body from falling down completely.
She brought out her finger to see it wet then shook
her head negatively. "I can't believe I had another
wet dream" she murmured.
Angelina was a young black beautiful girl of 17 year
old with sophisticated parents. She has a problem
of concentrating on a particular thing without
thinking erotically about somebody or something.
Though she has always loved the feelings she gets
from it: it makes her wanna go wild and explore
sexually with or without anybody regardless the fact
that she has never had normal s*x before.


Tags: friends to loversbravedramabisexualmysterybrilliantfirst loveschoolspiritualcolleagues to lovers
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