War Angels: Fallen


iustinacio21 Fantasy

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Year :7034
Time 3:46
Location: Nibira
Inhabitants: pax-el
Population: 19473261

I sigh in relief. I'm finally back home. But my chest still feels heavy.
After 10 months of continuous searching for another planet,where my race could live,i came back with empty hands.
When the portal closes and its blue light disappeared i was greeted by my father's stern face.
My wings automatically fell down my sides.

"Invicta,you're finally back, and apparently exactly how i expected. With nothing new!"

I kneel before him,and place my hand over my heart.
"General Belatorx!Please forgive me!I'll do better next time!I swear!"

"There won't be next time,Invi.Too many molox are here already!There's no time for our people,daughter! "He said in a warmer but sad voice.

"Damn those monsters!I'll go back tomorrow! There need to be a place for us!And i will find it at any cost! I swear on Nibira's heart!"


Tags: familytime-travelkickass heroinepowerfulbravebxgsoldierswordsman/swordswomansuperpowerkingdom building
Latest Updated
47. Nibira has fallen

An evil smirk appeared on Samoa's face and he starts clapping.

"Oh, Invicta! I must thank you! You made this much easier for me."

I look confused not understanding what he meant.

"You do not realise, do you? This was all I needed for my plan to work. And you did all the hard job for me." He said pointing at……


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