Jojo Quinn Paranormal

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Going to spend a week in the Coast with her lovely Mom and Dad was her only plan.

Not all plans go as planned.

Just one day to her birthday begins to unfold the hidden secrets of her family. She wishes to find the truth of her parents but she finds an entirely new place called Oceania.

Oceania; a world of mermaid and mermen, a place of mystic powers and a city destined for destruction.

But Destruction alongside hope.

She has little time to prepare for the future. That should be easy but lies, hidden identities and regular death threats complicates things.

At this rate, she has so much to lose starting from her mind.

Is there a way? Yes!

She has to lose those she loves, she has to overcome the darkness, she has to fall in love and she has to become something else; someone else.

Read to find out how dangerous the real underwater life can be!


Tags: dramatwistedmysteryboldfemale leadmagical worldsupernaturalspecial abilitykingdom buildingweak to strongYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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“Thank you” Flint said as I added a few touches to my dressing. “What for?” I asked brushing my hair. “For handling the news so well”, he said, “Lord Travis was terrified that you’ll walk away from our lives because of this. He really cares about you”. “I wouldn’t walk away just because of such. That man has hurt both……


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