Matters of the Heart: King Xavier and Flora


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Flora; A smart, kind and loving wolf in Dark Moon Pack, has always lived with an emptiness in her heart, as people looked through her everyday. Her family have been none-existant in her life and the few friends she has are not who they seem. Knowing oneday she will meet her mate and leave this empty chapter behind, Flora sets out to live each day in training to be Beta.

King Xavier; A name known across the werewolf kingdom. Not only for being ruthless, brave, extremely handsome and leading with all his might, but also for being the king once fooled because of love. Aged 27, Xavier looked to women with a bitter taste in his mouth after Sarah's deceit. The continous tantics and tricks by she-wolves across the kindgom didnt help his thumping and furious heart. Standing tall with poise, Xavier promised he would never allow his people to see him as weak ever again, even if that means sacrificing his own happiness.

What will happen when King Xavier meets his real mate, Flora and has to choose between the punishments of his past and the idea of a brighter future? Will he be able to put aside his need to take revenge on Sarah's actions or will his mate be able to pull him out of his haze? King Xavier, is strong and stubborn, but maybe the bond will be stronger?

Read on to find out if Flora has what it takes to capture her King's heart.

Matters of the Heart Trilogy:
Book One is Matters of the Heart: Xavier and Flora.
Book Two is Matters of the Heart: Kyle and Viola.
Book Three is Matters of the Heart: Mitch and Gabriella

Give them all a read!


Tags: possessivefatedmatearrogantdominantdramawerewolvespackroyalbetrayal
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Author's Note:

Dear Reader,

I would like to thank you so much for reading my first book, King Xavier's Mate. It feels so awesome to finally have this story out and I look forward to what is to come.

I really had a lot of fun writing this story and becoming engaged in the evolvement of certain characters. With this being my first stor……


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