Bad Boy's Good Girl


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“Why are you so rude to me? Princess?”


Katie’s a good girl with a sorted life and has plans for the future. Her life revolves around her little circle consist of her single mother and her only best friend, Beth. She’s sweet yet sarcastic. She’s naïve yet smart. She believes what she sees and she sees good in everyone.

But there are things even a good girl loathes. Attention and players are also known as playboys and bad boys and are just known for being cocky and conceited with a sense of entitlement in their air.

Little did she know that a certain Lashville resident bad boy, Aaron Lockwood, would enter into her life in form of a storm when he shifts right next to her house, creating chaos and turning her usually quiet life upside down as she begins to get both wanted and unwanted attention.

Will she be able to handle so much attention?

Or, will she be just adapt to it?

Will she ever change her mind about bad boys and realize that there is more in a person than what they show to the public and the rumours circulating them?

Will she ever accept Aaron Lockwood as a person who more than someone who just causes troubles?

A good girl falls for the bad boy. A bad boy falls for the good girl.

A good girl wants the bad boy to be good only for her. A bad boy wants the good girl to be bad only for him.

Too cliché, right?

Will the good girl ever fall in love with the bad boy?

Read Katie’s life, enjoy the ups and downs, her journey to make friends, to find love and… to find herself.


Tags: alphaopposites attractfriends to loversbadboygoodgirlaloofdramasweetrecklessnaiveStary Writing Academy III
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"Bethany... don't do this. I love you. Even if you have undergone a miscarriage. I know you are in depression with all this. You are not thinking straight...We... We're meant to be together. We can make more babies... if that's what you want. Please, don't leave me. I love you.." I touch her arms, pulling her closer and kissing her forehead.



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