Mr. Callboy: My Babies Father is a CEO


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Being betrayed by her fiancé and cousin, Gwen walked into their trap and lost her virginity to a mysterious “callboy”. Overnight, she was overwhelmed by numerous bad news.
Her father’s suicide?!
Her family’s bankruptcy?!
Being framed to be a slut?!
Four years later, Gwen returned with her three babies. Fate brought that masked "callboy" back to her again. And he seemed to have another identity?!

“Mr. Foreman, I’m just your employee. I shouldn’t take an expensive gift like this.”
“Because you are too good for me. You know? Like waaay out of my league," Gwen laughed dryly, "I don't have any money or position... Plus, I have a really embarrassing past..." 
"It doesn't matter," Lorenzo looked at the woman before him intently, "Anything else prevents you from accepting me?" 
“Huh?” Gwen froze. He didn’t even care? Did she have to mention her babies now? 
No... That would probably put her babies in danger...
But... What else could she say? 
“Hm?” Lorenzo started to sound impatient... 
“And... I... I had bad habits... I used to mess around in the clubs and hire escorts...” Gwen blurted that out.
“Escorts?” Lorenzo arched an eyebrow dangerously.
“An escort... There’s only been one actually...” Gwen couldn’t lie when he regarded her that way, “Bu-but I made it on the local news. The reports used to be everywhere... Everyone in this city knows...”
“It all has passed. You can start to behave yourself since today.”
He wouldn't even be mad about that?! Gwen was dumbfounded.


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The night was long and Lorenzo was hungrier than ever. For some moments, she thought she couldn't take it anymore. She begged in tears to make him stop. But what she got in return was fiercer assaults. Her body was trembling as he got inside. His voice was husky and breathy beside her ear, "Hold on tight to me, Gwen."
Her nails dug into his m……


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