Return of the Bad Boy Alpha


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Magnus Bowie was your typical bad boy as a teenager. He did drugs and slept around and anything that angered his Alpha father. At a loss after Magnus accidentally burns down the packhouse, his father sends Magnus to military school. Magnus found his calling and turned himself around and became the leader of the King's elite Warriors. Now redeemed he returns home to celebrate his twin brother, Maximus becoming Alpha of their pack.

Naomi Monroe is a quiet girl who most in the pack forget about. She has a fraternal twin sister, Elena, who is the life of the party and very popular in the pack. Naomi is the daughter of the top warrior of the Ghost River Pack but few know who she is because she prefers staying home reading or playing video games with her few friends. When she turns 18 she finds she is mated to a young warrior who promptly rejects her. Heartbroken Naomi puts her mind to her studies and starts working in the Pack Archives as a historian for the Alpha

What will happen when the Alpha's troubled son returns to the pack and finds out he is mated to the pack's nobody? Will it be love at first sight for Magnus and Naomi or will there be resistance for both?



Tags: alphasecond chancebadboybxgkickingnerdwerewolvespacksupernaturalshyDreame Love Story Contest
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First Day of Work



         I wake up in our new room. I slowly sit up and watch Magnus moving around, getting ready for his new job. I have been out of the hospital for about two weeks. Magnus has already been sworn in as the new royal Gamma, and I have been cleared to start work in the Royal Archives. 



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