Royal Hybrid


Bella-Anne Paranormal

6921 reads

*Completed* After a series of unfortunate events, a young fox-shifter is found guilty of murdering her mother. Sentenced to death by a wicked man, she has no choice but to run, run as far as she can.

With little luck, she runs into Oliver Young. Luckily for her, he's a werewolf and an alpha at that. Through fate, he's willing to help her get revenge on the person who killed her mother. As well as take her clan back from the beast running it.

Secrets run deep beneath those that she loves and trusts. Will it all go according to plan, or will she spiral further into the abyss of lies?


Tags: revengealphaindependentconfidentbxgfemale leadslow burnsupernaturalstubborn
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My paws crunch against the snow-covered ground as I sprint toward the heart of what used to be my skulk- my home. Oliver and the other warriors are just a few strides ahead of me, weaving in and out of the trees like a unified machine. Raphael is behind the rest of us a significant amount since I took off, but he plays a lesser role in this figh……


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