Nusrat Jahan Romance

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Bella was about to go just then she heard a loud thud ... she turned around and saw that guy has hit the car with a big rock making a big fat dent on her car ...

She glared at him who has audacity to do such thing not with the fact that the guy ruined her car but he has guts to do that really irk her.

The guy slowly walked toward her closing the distance between them which make Bella took a step back but her aura didn't get effected by Blake closeness.

She still carried a poker face but her eyes was burning with rage just like the guy who is standing opposite her.

The guy throw the cheque on her face " Repair the damage or. ." His voice fades just like Bella , He glance at Bella's car then again look at her " or buy a new car  or if you need more money then contact me my name is Blake Anderson " with that He walking off...

Bella was furious she walked toward her car, the windows of her car reflecting Blake retreating figure ... she look at his reflection .. and murmured his name slowly and bitterly " Blake Anderson "

someone said that love is limitless has no boundaries

but what if someone really make this true ....

Meet Bella Hunter most gorgeous girl anyone have ever seen , She is the second name of success.. at a very young age she acheive what anyone can only dream off ... She has her own style ... people look at her with respect , admiration , and fear... she doesn't take anyone shits with a snap of her fingure she fired people , she is a fire whom nobody wants to play with..

Meet Blake Anderson a ordinary boy with bigger dreams , He wants to ride high in success... He is funny, caring and can be rude arrogant if you want to be in his bad side ...

what happened when two life collide wait Three

let me tell you one thing this is not a fairly tale love story it's more like a fight between selfish love and selfless love ....


Tags: billionairedarkpossessivearrogantdominantdramatragedycomedybxg
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