Ceaseless Fire

Nina Santos Romance

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There is a dangerous kind of love. A love that is like a fire that can't be ceased and kept on spreading around your heart until you finally burnt down into powders of ash.

Naiyah Castellano believes that she will never get over the relationship she had with Orion Valiente since he is finally back after being gone for years. She thinks that the love she has for him is like that dangerous love which acts like a ceaseless fire. But then, little does she know, there is a love extinguished and buried deep inside her which is about to rekindle.


Tags: love-trianglegoodgirldare to love and hatetwistedbxgheavyfemale leadsmall townbetrayalfirst love
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Naiyah Solaire Castellano.

My heart suddenly started beating so fast, the moment I read her name as one of our potential investors.

I didn't know if I was just hallucinating because I haven't seen her for a long time and I missed her big time, but when I closed and opened my eyes, seeing her name that was still on the paper made me b……