Redeeming Her Love


Jojo Romance

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Lucas and Sarah have grown up as family friend's since the beginning of time, but their personalities cannot be more different. Sarah is serious, studious, a bit nerdy and more interested in expanding her mind than being liked by everyone around her. Lucas on the other hand, is an extrovert who is sporty, witty, smart and carefree. Their lives cannot be more seperate or less alike.

Their paths cross on a holiday with their families, where Sarah's eyes are opened to life beyond the usual work and study. Lucas see's a different side to Sarah; One that attracts him deeply. As they slowly get to know each other beyond their stereotypes, their feelings grow and the prospect of love begins blossoming. Sarah also finds herself increasingly falling for Lucas, who has always been indifferent and cool towards her as they grew up.

Of course, nothing comes without a twist and the two unlikely lovers have to navigate some news that sets their fated hearts into a spin for years to come.


Tags: sexopposites attracttomboystudentsweetcampuschildhood crushfirst loveslow burnnaive
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Chapteeer Thirty-Three:

Sarah’s POV:

I knew I needed to do something big to mend this all with Lucas. No amount of words would make up for how foolish I have been. So, I needed to SHOW him. I needed to show him that I am here and that I always will be. Sure, I can say words, but actions are what are crucial in helping Lucas understand the deepness of my l……


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