Rescuing the Unknown, Protecting the Loved


laerep Suspense/Thriller

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They are not your everyday family, but they are as close and loyal as any, if not more. You met them in ‘Abducted for revenge, Bound for love’ now join them again in ‘Rescuing the Unknown, Protecting the Loved’.

The last thing Edward expected to happen that night was for a woman to come out of nowhere and run into the road in front of his speeding car.
By the time he steps out of his car to inspect the damage, he is ready to give her a piece of his mind. But his words are quickly swallowed when he actually takes a closer look.
And the surprises are only beginning, not to mention, the game of life and death.


Tags: bxgmysteryboldcitycrimevictim
Latest Updated
Chapter 41 - EPILOGUE

Talia woke up to the feeling of Edward’s warm, wet tongue against her body. Even as sleep tried to hold on to her, Talia couldn’t deny her body was waking up rather fast and was excited.

A soft moan slipped out of her mouth and she felt more than heard Edward chuckle. 

She opened her eyes……


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