Her Alpha Warlord


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He is a powerful werewolf king from the 14th century with control issues.

She is a feminist writer from the 21st century who created his character.

#Her plot
King Cahir was the villain in Blair's manuscript. The ruthless barbarian King had his eyes set on a small village's beautiful princess as the condition to save her kingdom.

The reluctant princess Daniella, prior to their marriage, was supposed to sneak into his kingdom, dressed as a maid and find her a way to save her village in a most "sensible" way.

Or at least, that was the plan...

Blair is surprised to find herself in the shoes of her female lead in the fantastical world of Scotchhills. The world she created turns out so much more different than she had imagined in more ways than one. And unfortunately, King Cahir is talked into marrying her even though he hasn't gotten over his dead mate.

They soon develop a pattern where he ruins her like a wrecking ball and then saves her like a goddamned knight.

Cahir becomes more than intrigued by his fiancee's sharp tongue, strange mannerisms and her connection with the people dear to him.

Will she be able to tame his beast and thaw his cold, cold heart? Or will he manage to bring her to a quivering submission? And how much will the world of her own creation spin out of her grasp?


Tags: possessivetime-travelmatedominantdramabxgwerewolvesanother worldenemies to loverstyrantDreame Love Story Contest
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Episode 80

Blair's right hand hurt like a B¡tch. It was that feeling like your hand is broken but not quite. She even burst the skin a little from punching Alpha.

Ridiculous name!

He is obviously full of himself and it was his fault that she was aching. Blair glared into space. Even her jaw hurts. Her scalp hurt.



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