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The world goes to its knees as a virus, known as Hamzak 101, kills over 95% of the human population. Humans just get sick, die, and then arise as zombies.

However, humans weren't the only ones that got affected by the virus. Witches, vampires, werewolves, and demons had to strengthen their distinct communities to make certain they survived.

Anna Towadise, a beautiful powerful witch, is destined to end the vampire kind but she's warned not to fall in love with Declan, a rather peculiar hybrid (half-vampire + half-demon). After eight of her friends are killed by vampires, she assumes Declan was part of it all. She vows to end him and his kind even though he had once saved her life.

Declan, on the other hand, can't help but think about Anna.

Shawn, the leader of the werewolves wants nothing more than to keep his kind safe. As the story goes on, he finds himself getting wrapped in a lot of drama.

Will Declan and Anna fall in love? Will Anna keep to her to end Declan and his kind? READ to see what happens.

* * * * * * * * * *
Things to note:
•This book has three POVs
•This book can be put on the pay-to-read program at any point in time. The writer will leave it FREE as long as possible but Dreame has the right to lock the chapters whenever they like.
•This book contains violent fight scenes and a r**e scene. (The latter isn't explained in detail so readers can be comfortable reading it. Also, you can skip “Chapter 8. He killed me” just to be safe.)
• This book is a standalone. There will no other part after this, not even a spin-off.


Tags: badboykickass heroinewitch/wizardtwistedbxgwerewolvesvampireapocalypsesupernature earthsupernatural
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