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Girl Power - Chasing Her Apollo


No More Love to Give's long-awaited Sequel.

"Your body is on fire, Trinity. Are you sure you can stand the heat?" Jeriah whispered into her ear from behind her head.

She shifted a little, trying to get some friction between her legs, before letting out a groan of annoyance. Jeriah always made her want him, made her beg for him, so it was her turn. Trinity grabbed the hand he was using to keep her locked beneath him, and turned until she straddled his hips, her body coming to hover over his. He looked up at her in shock, his blue eyes still hazed over with lust, and her hand snaked down his chest to the hard length between his thighs. When she wrapped her fingers around it, he shuddered, his eyes drifting closed for a second before he snapped back to attention.

"Trinity, I'm in charge tonight..." He groaned, unable to stop her because of her careful strokes. "... Trin..."

This was one thing that never changed in the time she knew him. She could still make him turn into putty with one touch. It was why he always tried to stay in control when they made love, but this was one time she did not want to let him have that control. Trinity wanted to see him as weak in the knees as he often made her. His face contorted as he stared up at her with a pleading ecstasy she felt familiar with. Before she could push him too far, however, he turn the tables and had her pinned beneath him again, her skirt rising to reveal shapely legs.

"If you keep driving me crazy, Trin, and making me fall even more for you, I won't be me anymore." He said with his full lips pressing against hers. "I already obsess over you when I shouldn't."


Jeriah loves her, and is ready to have a future with her. Can they have a normal relationship after being 'friends with benefits' for so long?

Trinity is unfamiliar with having a man trip over himself for her the way Jeriah does. He can't seem to keep his hands off her when they're alone. Is it only for s*x, or does he really love her?


Tags: sexkickass heroineconfidentbxgmulti-characterself discoverslow burnslice of lifeaddicted to lovepassionate
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It was a beautiful movie that clearly displayed a wonderful and whirlwind romance. Something he often wished for himself and did not find until he was much older. And watching from afar was nice too. Javon watched as Jeriah and Trinity laughed together a few seats away, and held Mary closer to himself. The four were……


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