Alpha's Regretted Rejection


Deborah C Paranormal

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Nayla Tallchief, a Native American, is the Alpha of Dawn Feather the largest and strongest pack in New Jersey. She is also the CEO and owner of Tallchief's bank. Her mother turned over the pack to her the day that Nayla's father was ambushed and killed by rogues.

Alpha Traylor Martakis is Greek, the new Alpha of the Silver Thunder pack, and the new Ceo of Martakis Financial Company. After landing in New York City to celebrate his eighteenth birthday with friends, he found something that he didn't want to find.

His mate.

He rejects her because of a promise he has already made to someone else, but the regret of rejecting Nayla swims in his heart from the minute he had done it. He did not expect to see her again, but when something terrible happens that forces them to face each other once again, his feelings force him to get her back while she is determined to get over him. Will Traylor be able to win her heart between fighting rogue, regaining his pack's wealth, and other obstacles that are trying to keep them apart?


Tags: alphasexmatekickass heroineCEObxgwerewolvesfemale leadpackrejected
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It has been five and a half years since Nayla, Traylor, Sedna, and Conan tied the knot. a lot has happened since that day. One thing for sure is they haven't been bothered too much with rogues too often. Which the alphas are happy about,  They have been able to go on vacation once a year and spend more time with their five kids. 


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