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Nusrat Jahan Romance

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"she is just a housewife " that's what my father say whenever , he introduced my mother to others.

after getting married a girl supposed to be a housewife and serve her family, does all the household chores sacrifice her dreams , her lifestyle, her family , live for others and still people say that she is just a housewife and does nothing.

Noor is a bubbly cheerful and strong headed women unlike the women her father wants her to become ,Noor Azam has a dream to become a doctor but being born in a orthodox family it was impossible dream for but after her father f****d her to marry a man she ran away from her own wedding.

But what happen when a friend of her mother gave her place to stay but there is man who is as orthodox as her father who judges her all the time.

Meet Asad Ahmed a handsome man who believe that a girl live should revolves around his family , but what happen when a girl stay in his house and challenges his thinking all the time.

He look at me angrily " What kind of a parent do you have, who left their daughter to roam alone on road , at this time" He look at me disgust.

All my excitement vanish the moment He opened his rude mouth " How dare you raised question on my parents " I was fuming in anger , I wanted to slap him.

He stood in front of me , he was inch away and I took a step back to create distance " Well if they raised you well then , I didn’t have to raised question about their upbringing " my eyes widen and within a second his cheeks went on other side as I slap him.

" You are the most disgusting, narrow minded human being , you are disgusting " I spat in anger.

I felt disgust toward him , how can someone thought is so low about people, he don't even know.

He look at me shocked , then within a second, our nose touch as he pulled my both hand toward him , his eyes filled with rage .

Oh no...

" How dare you slap me " He gritted his teeth making me really scared.

" Well you deserve it " I spat bitterly.

Will they able to survive together ? Noor will able to achieve her dream.

join Noor journey to struggle to create her own identity with love , Humour, romance, betrayal and lots of struggle.


Tags: revengecontract marriagedominantkickass heroinepowerfulcomedybxgrejectedsupernaturalpassionate
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Chapter- 100

Third person p.o.v

" NO SHE DOESN'T ACCEPT HIM AS HER HUSBAND"  Asad voice boom in thr room .

Akram eyes widen as he gritted his teeth angrily .

How the hell he found us ??

Asad entered the room like a lion as he glared at everyone in the room , he gave threatening glare to the women who was holding unconscious Noo……


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