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Neha worked very hard to be in the good books of Hercules but he maintained a certain distance between her. She got to know a lot about him while working with him and for him. It was almost a month since she joined the company and she already knew a lot about Hercules' likes and dislikes. She never did anything that would upset him in any way. She knew what type of coffee, according to his mood he drank, When to speak certain things according to his moods and other personal stuff. At times, he was friendly with her and at times, he was totally professional. Sometimes, he didn't even acknowledged her existence and many times they used to go for late night dinners. If they were getting late because of the pressure of work , then they would order pizza and laughed at silly things and next morning, he used behave as if nothing happened. Neha got to know that Hercules's favorite game was pool. He used to play in his free time or when he was under a lot of pressure. One day he was playing while having a glass of scotch and Neha entered his cabin with a query. "May I come in sir?",asked Neha. "Hmm hmm", replied Hercules while still playing pool. "I've come to discuss about tomorrow's presentation and I also have a query regarding the composition of this file", said Neha pointing to the file in her hand. "I don't care about any presentation or file right now", said Hercules casually and continued, "come here. I can't shoot the ball properly today. I don't know what has gotten into me. Shoot for me". "Sir, I don't know how to play pool", replied Neha. "Fine, come here. Let me show you how it's played", said Hercules flirtatiously.


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As soon as Nidhi told them about the revelation of the third floor, they did not even wait for a day and decided to take some action. They were thinking about the ways in which they could enter the cave without getting notice and find out what might have happened. They did not know where they should start but they did know that they h……


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