Elements: Four Seasons


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There was always day and night, cold and warm ,light and dark ...and four seasons..till a war started and everything that we have known was no more.

Four seasons, four nations, four elements.
That was before war. A war that destroyed the lifes of thousands of people . A war that led to hate between the four nations. Brothers fought against brothers,sons against fathers and elements against elements.

The Fire King, Blaze Cyrus was now 27, with no Queen and no family, apart of his sister Enya. He was king for 17 years now. Merciless.Monster.Murderer. This is what people will call him.
King Kai Zale was the king of Water Land.
Everyone will say he started the war 20 years ago when his wife ,Noelani died.. But it seems like his grief didn't lasted for long..

Who will win the war?
What happened with the other two nations ?
What will happen when the two kings will meet Evolet? The women who will change the course of the history..the women which possess no elements but will be able to turn the kings's lifes

Mature and violence content


Tags: warriorroyalty/nobletwistedmysterystraightambitiousspecial abilitywarweak to strong
Latest Updated
46. Epilogue

Evolet pov

Five years later

"Eden! Come here! We need to get ready now! Your father is waiting for us! We don't want to keep him waiting for too long now, do we?"

"No, mommy! Daddy will be sad."

"Yes, he will be sad. So let's get dressed!"

I start brushing her black curly ……


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