Raine Manlapas Romance

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Keren had to deliver the scented candles to the mansion of the Monteverdes. On her way to the private estate of the Monteverdes, another car kept on honking from behind. It was the first time, she saw the She just ignored the man and let him overtake her car.

As she arrived at the mansion, Doña Leonor introduced him to that arrogant man as Neil Monteverde, his eldest grandson, who just came from UK. After the introductions, the man just left after looking at her from head to toe.

Doña Leonor told Keren, "Just pardon his rash behavior, Keren. His parents were matching him to several ladies back in London. He opted to come home here to run away from such and establish his own business here in the country. My husband wants him to join our family business which is being run my my eldest son but he declined. He is very independent."

Keren responded, "I really don't mind, Lola," and then she decided to leave.

When she already left, Neil asked her grandmother several questions.

His first question was, "Is she the daughter of the Montelibano that you once matched with Dad, Lola?"

His grandmother affirmed, "Yes, " and then asked him back, "Why are you asking?"

He explained, "Well, I am just curious as to why her surname is Montelibano? Does she not have a father? And why is she delivering you scented candles. She is a Montelibano so she is supposed to be very rich."

Lola Leonor satiated his curiosity, "When her mother died and her father decided to legitimize his son and daughter form a previous relationship, she decided to use her mother's surname. I think that it had been pre-arranged by Claudio Montelibano before he died knowing about the other offspring of his son-in-law. After such, Keren opted to live an ordinary life away from the upper class society events and just focused on her studies and continuing the charity works of her mother. The scented candles are part of the fund raising campaign of the haven she established for the elderlies, battered woman, and homeless children. She converted the ancestral mansion of the Montelibanos as a safe haven for all those underprivileged people."

Such had just been the beginning of Keren's numerous encounters with Neil.

How will their love story unfold?


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