Games of the Heart


Louise M. Romance

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In a quiet town nestled between the sea and forest lived three friends, Alex, Eliza and Anthony. Popular, easygoing Alex and quiet, unassuming Eliza have been best friends since childhood. The duo became a trio when snarky, sarcastic Anthony became their friend during junior high. Marred by the different ugly sides of love, each of them wished to just graduate from high school peacefully. But with the transfer of a new student, it seems that their wishes would not be granted. And since his arrival, strange things have been happening to the three of them. Especially to Eliza.


Tags: revengesecond chancemanipulativealoofheir/heiressdramabxg
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At the End

Anthony moved through the busy book café. As he did, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. He had this feeling since he arrived at the town center. He turned his head to scan his surroundings. There were a lot of people in the café but no one was looking at him. Except for Eliza who he already had plans to meet.

An Eliza……


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