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The man smirked, "So what's the feeling of riding someone with your lover playing the music for us." he whispered staring at the man infront of him who had tears flowing down while biting his lips to seal his noises.

But the man on his lap didn't dare to enjoy. Crying, he lowly muttered, "" burying his nails on the man's shoulders

But the man didn't mind it at all, "Do you still insist that you're an alpha even in this state?"


BEI RUOYE was born to be a simple man who just wanted a simple life. But upon his father's demand to marry the domineering and influential CEO, Liu Jiangli, his life was entrapped. They didn't knew each other and knotted the bond without commitment.

However, during this cold marriage he met the artist the he adored for a long time, Lin Ri and upon meeting, he finally knew that this artist had also developed affection towards him!

Ruoye never acknowledged his marriage so he entered an affair with this artist but will he keep it until that way when this omega artist had became too obsess on their relationship? Or will he even realize things when his alpha has started to get obvious on his true affection?

Tales started to unfold between these three...

✓Original version of my novel [TWO TALES]


Tags: love-trianglepossessivecontract marriagesecond chancedominantCEOomegaheavyoffice/work placemxm
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The first night of the mid autumn festival this season was very exceptional. The cheap red house which is always filled with the noises of drunkards and sweets calls from the beautys was unexpectedly covered by a beautiful sound of zither. The place was filled with the strung and professional play coming from a beautiful man on stage, on his lap……


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