Sinful Lies


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It has been two years since she freed herself from the domineering clutches of David. After witnessing his betrayal, she was broken and was in a dark place for a long time but then came a reason for her to live in the form of a friend who pieced her back together.
He was there for her every damn time when she almost fell apart, he helped her get her confidence back but the evil from his past sunk its claws in and started to drag her down and she had to cut loose from him.

"I am sorry, but this is where it ends for us. I have suffered enough at the hands of David's past, I don't think I am ready to suffer in the hands of your past".

"Anya, I promise you, I will make everything right!"

The saying, promises are nothing but empty words till you act on them, is true coz his promises were empty words until they weren't anymore.

'Who is this friend? Is it John?'

'What happened to her during those two years? Did she divorce David or did she not?'

'What happened between Anya, John, David, and Melina after that horrible night?'

So many unanswered questions, so many uncertainties, and so many possibilities. Time to find out answers to some of these questions.


Tags: darksecond chancefriends to loversarrogantindependentconfidentdramaliessassywildStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 8: Gossip Girl

The charity auction had been a lot to take in for her, what with John being announced as her new boss, David cornering her into agreeing to meet with her, and Aiden’s flirtations. All the three men were giving her attention that she was not interested in… ok… maybe not… but… you get the point.

Whitney had come to her rescue when the party ……


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