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Earth is the home of all realms. Humans, Vampires, Demons, and the Heavenly deities all lived in harmony for the past millions of years. Their secret? No one shouldn't cross their limits.

However, for those under the intoxicated by love, no words will stop them from letting their hearts chase the ones they want.

Even when they said to her, “You disappointed me, Samantha. Archangels, the highest angels and considered as the right hand of the God, were supposed to be the example that both mortals and the supernatural should follow. None of us thought that among all the divine creatures, you, one of the four right hands, will be the one who’ll stoop low to the point that breaking the rules will become your choice.”

Or when his father told him, “Earl, this woman is nowhere near a perfect match for you. She’s not the being who’s destined to be your bride for eternity. Why will you go to such extent that you will wage war against all the realms? I have no son that’s a failure, Earl. You are my son and the vampires’ future king. Rethink your decision and follow my command, or else, you will die. Let your father give you the right order for once.”

Or even when he heard this, “No demon should feel connections such as love. Jealousy born out of it might drive your anger into its fullest potential, but trying to fight a war you can’t win is a form of blind bravery. Lucifer, son, stop loving an archangel who won’t reciprocate those feelings you shouldn’t have had in the first place. Hell is not a paradise so snap out of your delusions.”

None of the three thought about the consequences. And as a result, it was chaos.

The archangel wagered everything for the vampire prince. She paid with her life.
The vampire prince risked everything for the archangel. He ended up broken.
The prince of hell chose to give everything for the archangel. He created his own demise.

How can this three have peace when 500 years after they chose to fall for something they failed to protect, they will meet 'her' again?

"Please stay, not as Samantha, but as yourself. I’m asking for you to give me life once again. Choose me, Elliana.”

" When will you choose me? He’s not the only one who’s willing to wage war and fight the world for you.”

"Are you sure that those feelings you have for me, were actually because you fell in love with me, or is it just because you see her within me? I don’t want to end up broken.”

A story where the three supreme beings from three different realms were all tied by a single sin: forbidden love.


Tags: goodgirldoctordramabxgvampiredemonnon-human leadmagical worldrebirth/rebornsupernatural
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