Bitten and Bred


Remnis Luz a.k.a. keeperofsins LGBT+

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One bite was all it took to start it all. In what seemed to have been a nightmare was the beginning of a long and twisted unfolding of events that would change his life forever.

Rory was just your typical closeted gay teen who only craved to fit in like the rest of the kids his age. Sadly, he had to go back to his father’s hometown after his parents suddenly had a falling down when her older sister disappeared from a trip.

His father and mother, who chose to search for his missing sibling, left him with his uncle, who was expecting a lot from him since he was the only remaining male in their family.

It would have been easy to keep his identity hidden and everything would have been great if only he didn’t have to transfer to Moon Peak high, the school that was filled with hot, attractive, and very good-looking people.

It seems fate thought that wasn’t enough of a dilemma for Him, as one faithful night while he was driving home. He got caught in a conflict between two werewolves. All because he unwittingly stopped to help in what looked to have been a car accident.

Now, Rory is the target of the packs, who both seemed to want him on their side, wanting to add him to their ranks, since they thought he would turn into one of them after surviving the bite.

But everything is not what it seems as he finds out that he is not just special in a certain way, but in a mystical sense too.

With this, he tries to survive the turf war and also the very possessive interest and seduction of two very alluring alpha werewolves, who both want him for his untapped power and capabilities.


Tags: darkforcedmatebxbmysteryhighschoolmpregsupernaturalspecial abilitytwink
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