The Alpha's Forgotten Mate


ssn_stories Romance

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War is at full swing, rogues are running wild and there is no place to hide. It is among all of these chaos that Alpha Hunter Black meets his mate, a lowly omega. The disappointment, anger and helplessness is inexplicable but he is not one who would disrespect the goddess who gave him everything so he takes Alexis home to his pack and leaves her there, setting out to war without introducing her to anyone, not before marking and mating her. What is she to do in a place where everyone just hates her? And will Lucas ever come back for her?


Tags: alphapossessivematedramabxgwerewolvespacklonelyNeglected
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Jordan moaned in pain as the witch applied a stinking gooey substance on her swollen eye. Her tongue felt so heavy from all the swelling that she could barely speak but looking over at all the other warriors, their conditions much worse made her suppress her cries of pain and exasperation. They ……


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