Daughter of the Sky, Son of the Earth


Katherine Sanchez Fantasy

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The story continues as Andrew, Alex and Aileen find themselves torn with their duties. The next two Elementals are about to transition but they will have to split up to get to both of them in time.
Andrew's and Aileen's relationship will be put to the test when a newcomer threatens to get in between them and they will find out that their powers are becoming harder to control when they're together.
Meanwhile, the leader of all the monsters is starting to make himself known. Chaos, natural disasters, and loyalty are all things that will break as the final battle comes near.
Follow the Elementals on their final journey of self-discovery before it's up to them to find out what fate has in store for them.


Tags: fatedpowerfulindependentheir/heiressdramatragedymysteryself discoverrebirth/rebornspecial ability
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Chapter Sixty


My breath hitched in my throat when I saw Kalani holding Alex in a threatening matter. She was crazy. There couldn't be any other reason as to why she wanted to kill Alex when she had done nothing to her. None of us had. 

But Aileen was right about Andrew being possessed, maybe the same was true about Kalani. Maybe ……