The Alphas Possession


Andria Reed Paranormal

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Sneak Peak...

"He's our friend, so of course his b****y life has value! He's also innocent and is being blamed for something he didn't do. Release him now Nic!" I demanded.

Dominic moved away and stared at Jake's messed up form before meeting my gaze again.

"You are not the one calling the shots here Aubrey. He's a suspect so he stays here," he gritted out.

"So am I! How many times do I have to get through to your thick head that he is innocent."

"As your Alpha I do not accept disrespect Aubrey. Luna or not, I will not tolerate it."

"What are you going to do? Whip me!" I snapped.

I paused watching the guilt flash in his eyes before it faded away.

"At least let me tend to him. He's hurt Nic, what if he dies for something he didn't do. He's lost a lot of blood so just please let me help him," I pleaded.

Nic shook his head and faced me. His face was now passive as he looked over me.

"Go home and stay in our chambers. We have the hearing this afternoon so get dressed."

"What about Jake?"

I could see his jaw visibly clench as he walked up to me.

"You care too much for him Aubrey. He will stay here."

"But Dominic..."

"Enough! Go to the pack house now," he ordered in his Alpha tone.

I couldn't help but bow as his command held a lot of authority. I looked at Jakes weak form in defeat.

"I will never forgive you if he dies," I whispered before walking out of that room.


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Chapter Fifty One - Silence

It's been two weeks since the fight.

A week was just the beginning to a life without my soul mate.

She was my life...and now she's gone.

I made so many mistakes and I just wish I had listened to her when we would argue. She was right no matter how many times I acted like she wasn't.

I messed up and there is no way of taki……


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