Queen Athena


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As the rain was pouring down on them, the mother tightly held her newly born daughter to her dying body, the only thought on her mind is to get her to safety.

The child cries in her cocoon of a blanket, getting soaked by the rain. Barely taking a step as she felt her last moments, placing the child down, to the border of the other pack she weeps to herself as she gazes to the face of her daughter.

"I love you my sweet angel, always remember that" she whispers to her, as the child looks at her with her white eyes as she slowly succumbed into the darkness


Tags: alphafamilykickass heroineself-improvedroyalty/noblekinglunaqueendrama
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60. Athena

This book is dedicated to my own Queen, Emmalyn Hecto. My #1 supporter since day one, the most important person in my life, my hero and angel looking down from heaven. You were the first person to know about this book 7 years ago, and you might’ve not been able to read it until the end, but I hope I made you proud. I love you Mom.