Scandal with the Duke


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Girl Power - Rebirth of the Heroine

Elizabeth has a plan.
And that is to expose her relatives’ true nature and plans against their family, to put them in exile.
That became her main objective after having her second chance. Yes. Second chance.
Elizabeth died tragically. After the death of her parents, everything that her family’s fortune fell on her hand. She became a countess after midnight. She was the only child, and she knew that she was destined to manage their winery at a right time. But not so soon.
But six months after Elizabeth descend on her position and responsibilities, she was abducted, and put to death, by her own relatives who were in greed of her family's wealth.
Elizabeth could clearly remember how she died. And for some reason, she went back to the past, specifically the day of her parent’s death. So she swore to avenge her death and her parent’s death upon knowing the truth.
But first, she needed to gather proof, to have her revenge. That was her goal.
Elizabeth has no one. She has no allies. She needed to befriend anyone who could be a help to her plans. Anyone with the power. If she needed to start at the bottom to do it, she’ll oblige without complaint. Her time is ticking.
And it seems that fate has been playing with Elizabeth’s life before she was born.
It wasn’t Elizabeth’s plan to meet the Duke of Seville. Damn, meeting Enrique Vasquez wasn’t on her list! It wasn’t fvcking in her plan to suddenly get intimate and had a sexy night with the Duke!
But what happened? She just had a night with the Duke! And what made it worst was the King, with his royal guards and advisors on his back, witnessed the aftermath of her night with the duke!
And that scandal…burned like wildfire.
Elizabeth has a solid plan! And a scandal with the duke wasn’t one of it!
f**k. What had she done?


Tags: revengeone-night standdominantkickass heroineheir/heiresstragedybxgvictorianrebirth/rebornStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 106

|Enrique Lorenzo Vasquez|

"Your grace. Sir Samuel had arrived,"

From reading the documents that we were able to retrieve from Rafael Luis, I lifted my gaze to the warden, who knock to let me know of his presence, and stepped inside the office so I could hear what he has to say next.

"What did you say?" I asked again ev……


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