Two Sides of The Moon


iustinacio Paranormal

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Every two thousand years, a white wolf is born. And every time, the wolf is a female.
A gift from the Moon Goddess; born in the light of a full moon, stronger than others and born to rule by the side of her mate, to bring balance into the werewolves' world.
But what happens when a white wolf comes into the world in the time of a hybrid eclipse? Is this going to affect her nature?


"Get up bitch! Why don't you fight back?!" came Alpha Samuel's voice.

My wolf, Lia, whimpered in my head. She didn't want to hurt Cole, but she knew we had no choice.
I get up and take a fighting position.

'It's him or me.' I thought.

The man's eyes were widening, pain visible in them. He opened his mouth to speak, but I didn't allow him. It will hurt me more to hear him say how he loves me.

I run towards him and jump over him, kicking his back with my leg.

"Fight me, Cole! Please! "I said with tears streaming down my face.

"You know I can't do this, Freya! Make this quick... You need to get out of here! I love you, kid!"


Freya Wolfe it's an 18 years werewolf with no family. Just her wolf Lia, who comes and goes when she likes.
She is a fighter. Literally. One that grew up in The Arena. A place no kid should know. A place ruled by an Alpha rogue.
She hopes to win her freedom one day.
But what will happen when freedom means to kill the one that is her potential mate.

Warning ⚠️ Lots of violence and some mature content


Tags: alphafamilymategoodgirlbadgirlkickass heroineroyalty/noblekingbxgwerewolvesStary Writing Academy III
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72. Epilogue

I smiled as the Moonlight kissed my skin when I got out of the castle. Levi was on my right, and Jack was on my left, walking proudly. Today was the big day, the Luna and Queen Ceremony. For the first time in my life, I was so nervous.

"You look beautiful, Freya! My brother is a lucky bastard to have you as his Mate!" Levi……


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