Victoria's legacy


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⚠️! Trigger warning ! ⚠️

This is a different kind of werewolf story, and it may not be for sensitive readers. some sensitive subjects as death, loss, failed pregnancy, looking down on women, forced marriage and forced s****l encounters .. not all in great detail of course. but if this triggers you in anyway , this might not be the story for you.

Im Victoria and this is the story of my life. My life will be a series of events breaking me down, shattering every single pice of me, my body, heart, soul and mind in too tiny pieces just to sculpt me back together again. And it all started here, my own wedding day, my marking ceremony if you will. Deep down i knew this man was going to destroy everything he could about me, when ever he could but there was nothing i could do about it. Now where to run, Now where to hide, Nobody to save me from my dreaded destiny.
Of course i did not know, i really didn't know anything. Nobody did, but in the end i would die a equally much hated and love woman, feared and respected.. Now one will remember my name, but everyone will enjoy the fruits of my hard labor, scarifies and choices I made.
I am Victoria and this is my legacy.


Tags: darkarranged marriagepowerfulself-improvedbxgseriouswerewolvesfeminismbrutalNeglected
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