Forgetting Axel


Amythest Winter Paranormal

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"I won't be the same. I've changed. I won't be the girl who falls head over heels for him after years of him ignoring me," I state, watching as she moves across the room. "I've put him behind me and I hope he has as well."

If only I knew those words were nothing but a lie I would tell myself day after day.

After all, how could I forget my first love: the boy who left me and ignored me years ago.

The boy who was not as he seemed.

The Alpha who was unbreakable...yet I broke him.


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Blue. It's beautiful, surrounding every object I see as my eyes begin to feel fuzzy. Maybe because falling asleep in class is not the best idea, especially when you wake up to be surrounded with the blue screen of the conclusion of your professor's lecture. Just one more week and finals will be here, preying upon the weak who have no energy left……