The Laws of Attraction

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The big shot attorney of DC—Rosie Danvers quit her job after defending a powerful businessman of a multi-billion dollar company accused of fraud and now two years later, there she was, teaching ballet and babysitting her sister’s toddler. Just when she thought she'd be stuck like that forever, a stranger shows up at her door asking to be her house mate, little did she know, she was in it for a whole new chapter of her life.

Jacob Dankoff was a ridiculously intelligent Neurosurgeon and but yet, it's probably the only thing he knows. Oh and yes, the way to a woman's heart. In an attempt to rediscover himself, he moved from San Fran to DC without almost close to nothing, ready to take on a new challenges in working in the largest hospital in DC and involving himself in a stranger's life.

When two strangers living together with each having their own battles and fears to face in the real world, would the laws of attraction still really apply? Or would they come up with their own rules?

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Author's Final Note

A big thank you to you all who have stayed through till the very end with me on this books. I wanted to write more on the Author's note but there's a 100 word limit so I decided to take it here. Now that this book is signed, my heart is so full and I'm eternally grateful that I've been supported by a throng of readers in the last few months.