Sold To The Dominant Mafia


Red Johnson Romance

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Stary Writing Academy: Billionaire Romantic Suspense

Contains sexual content (some aspects of b**m) violence, language and slow burn romance. Please dive at your own discretion :)

"Thirty million Euros," The auctioneer prompted, looking pleased and surprised. "Thirty-one we have thirty-one million? Ladies and gentlemen, thirty- one million anyone? Thirty-one million for this fiery beauty, lovely bidders? Final call here...thirty-one million Euros for our lovely Beatrice. No? Final bid at thirty million dollars, going once...going twice...and number 017...the dominant mafia!"

As the hammer hit the block thrice, her heart stopped. This was it. This was what everything comes down to.

This, was where the deadly chapter finally begins....


Stuck in the world that took everything away from her, Amara Rossi's life had only one meaning: Revenge. She wanted him dead, whatever the cost of it might be.

Bearing the responsibilities of the strongest Mafia family since he was sixteen, Leo Ammassari had no guilt of who he was or what he did...except for one.

Now bestowed with the responsibility to provide the family with an heir, Leo is forced to resort to a way that will save him from matrimony but...end up costing everything else including his heart.

About to be burned by the fire of hate but also evoking the embers of all consuming passion and feelings that they never felt before as Amara meets Leo, one the fire other being the ice, two families and an entire foundation is about to get shook in the deadliest way imaginable.

Lies and betrayal, hate and love...will a story written in blood manage to find its happy ending?

Read ahead in this steamy, passionate, thrilling mafia romance to find out...

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Tags: billionairesexdominantkickass heroinemafiatwistedbxgcityenemies to loverssacrificeStary Writing Academy III
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22. Bewildered

By the time we got home, Amara had fallen asleep. I took some time to watch her beautiful face and pondered whether to wake her up or just carry her upstairs in my arms. The thought was tempting but her reaction just in case she wakes up wasn't. I softly shook her instead and she woke up instantly, looking startled. Wow, was she a light sleeper.……


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