Ruining Isobel

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He loves me NOT.
And I'm STUCK with nothing.
For he TOOK everything away from me.
He is like a DRUG to me... Addictive, Enticing and Deadly.
He is my sweetest DOWNFALL...
And he wants nothing but to Ruin Me.
He succeeded! But this is not the end for me! I will make sure of that!

Isobel Leigh Patridge is a famous actress who fell in love with a business Tycoon. He offered her marriage but she needs to leave the Entertainment Industry to live with him in another country.
Isobel being too in love followed her heart and left her successful career just to be with her love. But what she doesn’t know is that..her decisions will RUIN her.


"Tell me Ms. Isobel, what happened to you and to Mr. Mac Dermott?"

I accepted an interview from The Elite Magazine, this is what I need right now. I need to clear things between me and Soul.

I gave her a sad smile and started to tell her the piece that I have been practicing in my mind this morning..

"Loving him had been my dream, and it was a dream come true! And I thought that loving that person is the best thing that happened to me." I shrugged.
"But look where it took me?"
"Look what happened to me?"

I shook my head as I look straight into the camera.

"Loving him was like poison that has gotten into my system..Slowly but surely aims to kill me.
I was slowly dying inside, and with him by my side, it will surely be my end. So I did what I have to do.. I filed a divorce."
I heard everyone's gasped in the studio but I still continued.

"I filed a divorce because that's the right thing to do.'
"This will be the end of our story."
"Unfortunately, ours is not a fairy tale."
"My story with Soul Mac Dermott has finally reached its end," I said as tears fell from my eyes.


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