The Badboy Billionaire's Son


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The coldhearted, arrogant, bad boy campus prince Ryker Rhett Johansen is known as "The Heartbreaker" never believe in destiny. For him, people end up together was their choice, not a destiny, that's why he never believe in LOVE.

He was a popular heartbreaker in their campus, no one dares to disobey his order or else they'll die. Until he met, the shy and clever girl, Rylie Devyn Scotley, the girl who ruined all his plans. She's untouchable in their campus also like Ryker Rhett. So, how the heartbreaker fall in love? Will Rylie Devyn fall for him too or It's just an act of sweet revenge?

Let's witness the love story of Rylie and Ryker on how they fall in love.


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Chapter 69: Epilogue

"Not all love stories have a happy ending because true love never ends."


We are now on a trip to the place where our honeymoon is. While we were on the trip, I was overly nervous about what might happen later.

"Devz, are you okay?"&……