Avenge Marriage


Red Johnson Romance

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#2nd Rank Winner Hidden Gems Of Dreame Competition

A match...made in hate...

Behind the bright, aristocratic lives of the, Navarro’s, Vazquez’s and the Ortega’s lies the darkest secrets.

Amber Moreno never wanted much. And she definitely never wanted to be just thrown into the life of Ivan Navarro, the heir of the strongest royal family in existence when she had practically nothing to do with him.
Or…did she?
Ivan knew matrimony was his duty, one that he needed to uphold. But as his heart craved to find the woman who ruled his every waking moment, quiet and shy Amber was the last person he wanted to end up with.
As the two are thrown together in a life where Amber’s every day is filled, dealing with pain and abhorrence and Ivan’s with guilt and despair…where will destiny take both of them?
And as Amber slowly discovers the darkness and betrayal Ivan’s life was enshrouded in, will she be fast enough to save him and herself...or will it destroy both of them forever?
A story that will touch your hearts and characters that will stay with you, Avenge Marriage is a journey to find love…that is not in hell easy.

#Book 1 in the Royal Romance duology.

PS: Book 2 is ongoing and daily updated.


Tags: contract marriagearranged marriagedominantgoodgirlpowerfulprincessroyalty/nobledramabxgroyal
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Hello lovely readers! How are you all!! 

I hope everyone is doing great :) Just dropping by to let you guys know that the Avenge Marriage series is now completed. Book 2 is still free and will stay that way for some time. Book 3 is also on the way but it's another story that doesn't include Ivan and Amber. Can't reveal who b……


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